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Hua Hin Weather


Don’t know when is the best time to come to Hua Hin? Here is Hua Hin Weather on a yearly basis. An oceanfront location is given Hua Hin a great tropical climate throughout the year. The cool dry season is from November – February. At this time of year, nights can get cool and the average temperature is 26 degrees centigrade. There is plenty of sunshine, although it is not as strong as later in the year. Tides are high and it can get windy in the afternoons, although rain is very seldom experienced.

The “hot” season extends from March – June. Temperatures can easily reach an average of 29 degrees centigrade, with daytime heat rising to 35 degrees+. Nights are also hot with some humidity. Tides are not so high however it can again get windy in the afternoons.

The “rainy” season lasts from July – October. However, Hua Hin does not suffer from the monsoon downpours that the north and south get. You can expect temperatures to be at an average of 28 degrees centigrade with the evenings slightly cooler than in the hot season.

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