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Raruk Hua Hin

Raruk Hua Hin lifestyle shopping with an intention to evoke nostalgic memories of visitors about the local way of life of people in the past when they come to Raruk Hua Hin, an 100 year old wooden house built in the period of King Rama VI has been renovated and served as a learning center about the lifestyle of people in Hua Hin through photographs and stories. In front of the learning center, there are unique symbols of Hua Hin for tourists to take photographs such as lighthouse, statue of human fighting with fish, antique train, and statue of human throwing a cast net on a boat. Every item mentioned helps visitors reminisce about Hua Hin the old days. Raruk Hua Hin is a center of restaurant, dessert, beverage and souvenirs with cheap price. It is a new relax area of Hua Hin people consists of photo zones, souvenir shops, stage shows and over 40 restaurants, open on Monday to Thursday from 10:00 – 21:30. STAY AT NOVOTEL HUA HIN CHA AM BEACH RESORT AND SPA TO EXPLORE RARUK HUA HIN

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